His priesthood and mission

Brother Jacob was transferred to the Krey Monastery to continue his sacerdotal studies. He was ordained priest on November 1st, 1901, and celebrated his first mass in his hometown, amidst his happy family and the residents of Ghazir and the neighboring villages.
In 1905, he was designated director of the Capuchin Monks schools in Lebanon and then founded around 230 small schools.
Father Jacob (Abouna Yaacoub) was gifted in organizing pilgrimages, processions and first communions, always repeating: “If you sow host, you shall harvest Saints.” Among his many talents, preaching and guiding. He was called upon to travel to Syria, Iraq, Palestine and other countries for his oratory skills.
Aware of the importance of the media in spreading the word in all times and places, he published a monthly magazine under the name of the family friend.
Due to the outbreak of WWI, the French Capuchin Monks left Lebanon in 1914, after handing over the responsibility of the mission over to Abouna Yaacoub. He shouldered happily this new responsibility, while taking care of the Third Order for Lay people, distributing bread to the hungry and burying the dead. Blessed with God’s grace during WWI, he escaped many times gallows, prison and house arrest.