Progress in perfection is the cornerstone, once shaken, the building falls.
If you save your soul, you save everything; and if you forfeit your soul, you forfeit everything forever.
It is difficult for a tree planted on the road to save its fruit.
He who closes his eyes from the sun does not see it, but the sun sees him.
Give me the love that denies fear and converts everything to sweetness.
We build slowly and demolish quickly, while God builds quickly and destroys slowly.
The great lofty palace is only an installation of small stones.
When winds blow, the blossoming tree gives more fragrance and perfume.
If you are rich, your homeland needs your money; if you are poor, give from your writings, your prayers and your talk.
Our life is like a flower which leaves are extracted day after day.
As long as the moisture is in the wood, it does not burn but smokes.
The feather dipped in mud is not brought up by the wind.
Life is a school. At the school, the student gets introduced to what is unknown, completes what he knows and remembers what he forgot.
The goodwill gives value to the simplest things.
The tongue is the interpreter of the thought.
When the lower branches of the tree are cut, it grows and rises.