Regulations of the Congregation

The congregation is composed of nuns, who choose, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to live the Franciscan monastic life and work together on building the Church with love. It is run by a Superior General with a Board composed of four assistants. The general administration is assisted by a general secretary and a procurator, both appointed by the Superior General with the approval of the Board. Every convent is run by a superior mother to manage the institution with a local board.

1) Adopting monastic life

* The postulation:
It is a period that helps the postulants distinguish more clearly what God wants from them so that they reach a freer and clearer choice.

* The novitiate:
The novices are provided with an adequate and complete education on monastic and spiritual life, nourished by the Word of God. This stage provides the novices with a practical and serious knowledge of the Franciscan spirit through studying Saint Francis’ life and spirituality, the history and living traditions of the congregation, and through following the example of the Founder and investing his precious legacy by studying his life, his writings and his thinking.

* The vows:
The monastic vow calls for living the three evangelical counsels and pushes towards achieving the perfection of love, so the nun who is consecrated to God becomes a member of the congregation with all due rights and obligations.

2) Spiritual retreats and education

Every nun consecrates one day per month to prayer and meditation for a continuous spiritual renewal. In this context, and for a deeper understanding of the spiritual life and the doctrinal and professional culture, the Congregation organizes educational sessions so that the nuns will be able to continuously meet the needs of their call in the Church in a better way.

3) The Chapters

The General Chapter that expresses the unity of the institution represents the higher authority in the Congregation by virtue of the Constitutions. It practices this authority through the election of the Superior General and the assistants and by taking the important decisions concerning the life of the Congregation and its mission.