Apostle of mercy in the kingdom of the Cross

Father Jacob had the dream of raising a giant Cross on one of the hills of Lebanon, because he had seen the disasters and tragedies that had affected Lebanon during the war when thousands died of hunger, were hung or exiled without a Cross being raised on their tombs. He wanted that place to become an assembly place for the Tertiaries to pray for the souls of those who died during the war and for the emigrants.
As he was looking for a place to raise the Cross, he was attracted by a hill in Jall-Eddib that used to be called “hill of the djinns”. So he bought that hill on August, 25, 1919 and he went on realizing the project relying on the Providence. And the edifice grew, the Church was finished first, so it was given the name of the Lady of the Sea and was inaugurated on May 3 1923 in presence of a big number of Tertiaries. In it they put a statue of the Virgin Mary holding little Jesus and a passengers’ boat at her feet. Finally, on the west side of the Church a big Cross was raised and the dream was realized, the dream of Father Jacob.
After the inauguration, he received on October, 4, 1926, the first priest he found abandoned and left alone in one of those hospitals to give him the opportunity to finish his life with dignity in prayer and sanctity. That priest was followed afterwards by other priests, patients and disabled persons from different religions and confessions. The place became too small so he opened other centers for them. At that time, Father Jacob really felt, deep in his heart, the dire need to establish a monastic order that would take care of those sick priests. So he initiated his big project relying on the Providence with a small group of tertiary girls whom he entrusted to the Franciscan Nuns of “Lons le Saunier” to teach. They would later on become the Franciscan Sisters of the Cross Congregation of Lebanon.