Mental and psychological diseases

* Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross – Jall-Eddib

Founded in 1930, it is one of the most important projects that incarnate the goal and characteristic of the Congregation. It hosts the most miserable individuals suffering from all kinds of mental and psychological disabilities. It takes care of people from all confessions and nationalities and all those who come to it, taking the water source as an example, according to the Founder’s wish.

The Convent of the Cross remained in continuous change and development until it was transformed on February, 5, 1951 into a psychiatric hospital after it had been acknowledged by the Lebanese Government. Then, Abouna Yaacoub separated the mentally sick from the elderly, the disabled and the priests and sent the latter to institutions that were especially established for them. Today, the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross hosts one thousand patients of whom 54% are non Christians. It is considered to be one of the biggest psychiatric hospitals in the Middle East.

The development of treatment methods in the hospital coincided with the development in the Western countries.

This hospital provides educational and academic activities: As an academic university hospital, the Hospital of the Cross provides the students and health workers with training sessions and academic learning in the field of mental and psychological health. It is worth mentioning that the hospital gives a diploma from the Arab Council of Psychiatry within the Arab Council Program for medical specializations. It also gives a university diploma in behavioral and cognitive treatments and in eating disorders in collaboration with the Université Saint-Joseph (USJ) and the French universities. There is now a partnership between the Hospital of the Cross, the “Saint Anne” Hospital and the Intervillage Hospital of Toulon for the mentally ill children in France.

A new radiology service and a laboratory are opened for helping the needy patients.

It also issues twice a year the “Assabil” magazine in Arabic, French and English, in which scientific, medical and social subjects are treated. Moreover, it holds an annual conference which is attended by the most famous doctors in Lebanon and abroad.

As for spiritual and entertainment activities, they are seen by the Administration as a priority for the patients and those who take care of them.

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