Hospital of the Sisters of the Cross – Deir El-Qamar

In 1932, Father Jacob chose a unique hill on which he raised a high Cross. In 1933, he built, in the village of Deir El-Qamar, an institution for all chronic diseases for the elderly, for mentally or physically disabled girls… . In 1937, the institution expanded to include an internal school for orphan girls, offering them primary education and vocational training.

The orphanage remained in the vicinity of the institution till 1971, when the girls were transferred to Brummana and the institution was further expanded for the female patients. During the Lebanese war in 1975, a part of the buildings of the institution was transformed into a field hospital. In 1998, with the return of security and the easy access to medical institutions, and because of lack of space and of technical and material means, the Congregation decided to stop the work of the health hospital and kept only the possibility of admission for emergency cases at the dispensary. The institution continued to accomplish its mission with the disabled girls, so it developed the premises due to aids, and added physiotherapy as well as manual and artistic types of treatment.

In addition to the service inside the hospital, the Sisters teach catechism at the public school and prepare the children for the first communion.

The Shrine of Deir el Qamar Cross (link)