Our Lady of the Well Convent – Bkennaya

One day he was passing by the Capuchin Monastery in Bab Idriss, when he saw, in the leftovers of the library, an old picture of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus and in front of her there was a well and at the bottom of the picture there was this inscription: “Our Lady of the Well“. This coincidence was the reason for building a new convent and a new sanctuary for the Virgin Mary in 1941. Abouna Yaacoub took a vow to the Virgin Mary, Lady of the Well that if he could, through her intercession, ensure water, in the “Daourat” reservoir near the Convent of the Cross, he would build a church on the name of Our Lady of the Well, and so he did. After World War II, he restored the big reservoir and built on it a beautiful church that relies fully on the walls of the reservoir. Abouna Yaacoub did not know that Our Lady of the Well home would become one day a very important center for the Congregation. In the beginning, it was transformed into a center for girls having a religious vocation. After his death, it was officially declared a novitiate on March, 25, 1964. Besides the postulants’ home and the novitiate, the Convent hosts annual retreats and religious, scientific and biblical conferences.

During the celebration of the 2000 jubilee, Our Lady of the Well church was named among the pilgrimage places. In 2004, the General House was transferred there.

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