His Childhood and youth

Khalil (Blessed Father Jacob) was born on February, 1, 1875 in the village of Ghazir.
His father named Boutros Saleh El-Haddad and a mother called Shams Yoakim El-Haddad.
Khalil was baptized at the Church of the Lady of Habchieh on February, 21, 1875. He grew up in his village Ghazir and went to the parish school Saint Francis. Then he moved to the Mzar School. Afterwards, he joined the La Sagesse School in Beirut from which he graduated in 1891.
He traveled to Alexandria in 1892 where he taught the Arabic Language at Saint Mark’s College during one full year. This is where he received the first signs of his vocation to the service of God.
One back in Lebanon, on 25 August 1983, he joined the novitiate of the Capuchins at the Convent of Saint Anthony of Padoua (Khashbau – Ghazir), under the name of Yaacoub, and he entered the following covenant with God: I came alive, and I will only come out dead.