Sisters of the Cross – Bcheele

The Congregation was present in Bcheele prior to the year 1977, in order to ensure teaching catechism and taking care of the preparation for the first communion as well as other spiritual activities in the surrounding villages. In Bcheele, the main concern is about spiritual activities in the parish and the spiritual accompaniment of the nuns: the Knights of Mary,...
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Sisters of the Cross – Bteddine El-Lekch

The home is a donation from the two sisters Josephine and Marie Naaman El-Khoury who had links with Abouna Yaacoub. In 1995, the Sisters started their mission in teaching dressmaking and other technical works and undertaking spiritual activities in the parish, waiting to fulfill the wish of the donor family by building a foundation for the elderly. This project suited...
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Mar Elias Convent – Kfertay

In 1962, the Congregation had taken charge of the school and dispensary of Kfertay that belonged to Father Philippe Njeim. Twelve years later, they were returned to their owner because there was no apostolic action to be undertaken there in that unpopulated region. In 1999, Monsignor Njeim donated the house to the Congregation and expressed the wish to consecrate it...
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