Milestones of Abouna Yaacoub’s Beatification

- The Episcopal action: opened in 1960 and a Church court was established to hear the witnesses and examine the documents and writings. It was closed in 1964.
- The Pontifical action: opened in 1979, where the court heard new witnesses with additional documents. It was closed in 1981.
The tomb of Father Jacob was transferred, upon a demand made by the Holy See, on October 30, 1982, to the Lady of the Sea Church, the cradle of the Congregation. This church has become a sanctuary visited by believers for praying, asking for benediction, in the hope of his beatification, then his canonization.
- In 1992, His Holiness the Pope John Paul II declared Abouna Yaacoub Venerable.
- In June 22, 2008, in the name of Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal José Saraïva Martins, declared him Beatified and that for the first time, outside the Vatican, in a religious and popular celebration that took place in downtown Beirut.