His spirituality

His spirituality

- Relying on the Providence: Abouna Yaacoub was called “the man of Providence”. His trust in Providence increased when he started the project of the Convent of the Cross and all that he received from his superior was his blessing; in fact, he contented himself with it considering it as an expression of God’s blessing. Hadn’t he been insistently pushed by his colleagues, he would not have written to a benefactress in France. When he received a letter from her containing one franc, he was really astonished and he said to himself: I deserve it. God wanted to show me that He is the one and only benefactor for this project.

- Love of the Cross: The Cross was indeed the sweetness of his heart and the breath of his soul. He was always calling for clearly making the sign of the Cross to get protection. He used to practice the exercise of the Stations of the Cross every day and he made it one of the Sisters’ regular prayers. On Good Friday, the believers gathered in the courtyard of the Convent of the Cross to participate with Abouna Yaacoub and the Sisters in the Stations of the Cross.

Abouna Yaacoub used to hold the Cross very willingly until it became his dear companion; and maybe the dearest prayer to his heart was: “Oh Cross of the Lord, so dear to the heart”.

- Love and honor of the Host: He used to begin his day with meditation kneeling in front of the Host that he considered to be the source of his strength and his success. He was aspiring to honor it with the masses, and he so often addressed it saying: “How I would prefer to take you in procession throughout the streets rather than closing up on you in the tabernacle”. This is why he was always using any feast or religious occasion in order to organize processions and adorations.

Very sad about the indifference of people towards the Host, he said: “The worst crime of our time is this moving away from the Host. Without the Host, our Church would be empty, cold and sad…”

- Love of the Virgin Mary: Abouna Yaacoub is a Marian apostle; he had for the Virgin Mary a very special love that marked all his life. He used to say: “Worshipping Mary, no matter how sacred, is only the door leading to Jesus. Mary is the means, Jesus is the end. Mary is the road, Jesus is the destination”. He also says: “…the best way to guide women is through the example of Virgin Mary: she is a virgin and a mother”. He used to crown his glorification of his pure Mother by saying the whole rosary every day.

- Love of God and neighbor: From this faith in the Cross, the Host and the Mother of the Crucified, Father Jacob was filled with the love for God and for the neighbor. He followed the road of the mission and revealed great talents in the fields of preaching and mission. He was a pragmatic preacher speaking the right, targeting the souls, only using easy and simple words. We have so many examples of his preaching, in his handwriting. Each homily contains something that astonishes the reader, even more so the listener, i.e. three other constant elements that he never could do without: verses, events and parables of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments; sayings and examples from the Fathers of the Church, the scholars of the spiritual and consecrated life, the saints; and stories, lessons and practical experiences of men of history or events from the contemporary daily life. We can assert that those three constant elements are contained in all his preaching and really constitute the major sources from which Father Jacob drew the essence of his special spirituality. After preaching, he used to spend many consecutive hours in the confessional to wash the souls and ease the consciences.