Prayers of Abouna Yaacoub

* The sign of the Cross teaches us the way to salvation and gives us the strength to carry out our duties and protects us from our enemies:
You are from the earth: the sign of the Cross shows you that you come from God and that you belong to God. An honor indeed!
You are in the dark: the Cross guides you and enlightens your spirit.
You are poor: the Cross is the treasure that enriches you.
You are a soldier: the Cross is the weapon that triumphs over your enemy.
You are a traveler: the Cross guides you towards happiness.
Cross of Christ protect us;
Cross of Christ fight for us;
Cross of Christ save us, Amen.

* Lord, do not turn away from us on this blessed day.
Thou who gave sight to the blind, open our eyes so that we may gaze in wonder at thy great love.
Thou who healed the paralytic by forgiving his sins, have mercy on us.
Thou who cured the leper, purify us from the stains of sin.
Thou who raised from the dead the centurion’s daughter and thy friend Lazarus, raise us from our sinful state.
Thou who blessed thy disciples before thy Ascension, bless us, O Christ our Lord. Amen.

* Lord Jesus,
Take my tongue: may it express thy will and may my silence be communication with thee!
Take my ears: grant that they may listen to the voice of duty. Thy voice only, Jesus!
Take my eyes: allow them to perceive thee in everyone and act accordingly!
Take my hands and feet: may they be graceful in thy service and always carry out thy desires!
Take my spirit: may it be illuminated by thy dazzling light!
Take my heart: make it the throne of thy love!

* Lord, thou who gathers together through thy unique and holy will, the hearts of thy children, allow my soul the gift of loving that which you command and desiring that which you promise. Grant that my soul be drawn instantly to the wealth that is real, even if it should drown in the midst of this tormented world.
O Jesus, may we follow in thy footsteps and those of our blessed Father Francis; may we disregard the riches of this world and win Heaven’s eternal riches.
Grant us this grace… thou who lives and reigns in the Glory of God the Father and the Holy Spirit ever and ever. Amen.