Giving shelter to priests who are unable to pursue their mission due to disease or aging

The foundation started in 1926, when the first sick priest was accepted.

Taking care of the wretched, blind and disabled people

The Franciscan Sisters – Lons le Saunier were helping Abouna Yaacoub at the beginning, but he found that his new project requires more working hands and loving hearts. Therefore, he sought to establish the Sisters of the Cross Congregation to pursue the mission.

Taking care of mentally challenged patients

At the beginning, Abouna Yaacoub proceeded to accept tertiary girls, some of whom showed willingness to become nuns, and at their forefront was Mary Elias Zugheib.

Taking care of the elderly

Mother Marie de la Croix became the General Superior, and followed on the progress of projects and accomplished them after the founder’s death in 1954.

Mission at schools and taking care of orphans

On December 8, 1930, the new Congregation was established, and in February 1932, the Sisters of the Cross Congregation became an independent Congregation managing its own affairs.

Deir el Qamar Cross

The hill of Deir el Qamar Cross is a historical one, rich in monuments and landmarks, located around a thousand meters above sea level...

Shrine of Christ the King

In 1950, Abouna Yaacoub purchased the hill located to the right of Nahr el-Kalb river, and started the construction of the convent...

House of Abouna Yaacoub

The parental home of Abouna Yaacoub is located in a heritage neighborhood amid the historical town of Ghazir...

Our Lady of the Sea

On May 3, 1923, Our Lady of the Sea Church – Jal El Dib was inaugurated for the intent of the Lebanese who...

Sayings of Abouna Yaacoub

  • Marriage

    Marriage is a contract blessed by God in the earthly paradise. Marriage is a tree in the field of the Lord, which fruit are righteous...


    The sincere friend is the one who brings closer to Jesus. Friendship with good people increases good in human. Choose your friends, and beware of...
  • Charity

    Be keen on doing good for the love of good, for the love of God and in obedience to Him. Be a giver and fear...


    Our duties towards homeland: love and obedience. My sect is Lebanon and people in pain...
  • Time

    Long life is worthless to God, unlike the work with zeal and love. Gold is precious and time is more precious, because with it we...


    Human happiness is not weighed with the money one owns, but with the good he makes. The Cross convinces us that happiness is not in...


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